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Welcome to Bohusläns Climbing Club (Bohusläns Klätterklubb, BKK)


It is not only the old stonemasons who love the famous red granite of Bohuslän. Known for its clean crack climbs and the beautiful scenery in this coastal region, climbers have been travelling to this area for over forty years. Bohuslän is one of the most well-known climbing areas in Scandinavia and, despite its popularity, still has a pristine and adventurous feeling to it!

Bohusläns Klätterklubb (BKK) is a climbing club based in Bärfendalen in Munkedal’s municipality. BKK is committed to the development of climbing in Bohuslän.



The following two links will take you to the two main online resources for updated access information:

Swedish Climbing Federation´s access database

Sverigeföraren - Swedens climbing wiki


BKK’s Camp

Bohusläns Climbing Club has a house in Bärfendal which is a meeting place for the club’s members and visiting climbers. The house itself has 12 bed spaces in the loft, a cosy living room area with open fire and a communal kitchen area. The kitchen is equipped with two electric stoves, a refrigerator and a washing up area. There is a large garden surrounding the house with lots of tent space. Outside there is a toilet, outdoor sink, tables, a roof under which cooking can be done, and electricity. Camping (either in a tent or in a car/van) is on a first come first serve basis.

PLEASE NOTE: the water at the house has been deemed undrinkable due to high radon levels. Drink at your own risk!


Camping Prices

Camping on property (tent/car):

  • BKK member                                             30 SEK/person per night
  • otherwise                                                  60 SEK/person per night

Accommodation inside cabin:

  • BKK member                                             50 SEK/person per night
  • otherwise                                                  100 SEK/person per night

Camping Payment

  • Swish nr: 123 098 98 30 (Swedbank)

  • Bankgiro: 617 4882 (Swedbank)

  • International: IBAN: SE 11 8000 0836 8300 4701 3313, BIC: SWEDSESS (Swedbank)

  • Cash: place your payment in an envelope in the metal box outside the cabin entrance  

  • Mark your payment with:

    • “stugavgift”

    • dates of your stay

    • number of nights (= number of nights times number of persons)

    • type of accomodation


(If you have a GPS, the address is: Myrtorp 22, Dingle) Exit number 102 from E6 towards Dingle, turn left onto route 174 going west. After around 6.5 km turn left towards Lysekil. After around 1 km you will see the driveway, there is a small sign for Bohusläns Klätterklubb on the right hand side. On the opposide side of the road is a farm with a white house (you can not see the climbing club from the road). Drive up the driveway and park.

Membership Prices

  • Adult                                                400 SEK
  • Junior (younger than 20)                   300 SEK

Membership Payment

  • Swish nr: 123 082 27 91 (Swedbank) 
  • Bankgiro: 617 4882 (Swedbank) 
  • International: IBAN: SE 11 8000 0836 8300 4701 3313, BIC: SWEDSESS (Swedbank) 
  • Write your name, date of birth, e-mail address and type of membership. If there is not enough space to write all information, please e-mail the climbing club’s treasurer: This is a mailto link

Note: Swish numbers for membership and camping are different

Members pay 600 SEK per year and have unlimited access to the club’s hut. With general questions regarding membership or prices please contact the club’s treasurer: This is a mailto link


Contact information

For general information, please email: This is a mailto link

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